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EKTA enterprises is a leading exporter of all types of first aid kits offering a wide variety of disposable articles for medical and industrial use. Since established, the company has winned good reputation and become more and more competitive in the market because of its high quality of the products,efficient service and good faith. As a professional medicalexporter company, we mainly produce and supply portable emergency ventilator, transport ventilator, ICU entilator. It is designed for first-aid treatment, transportation and various kinds of control ventilation without power source or regular gas source.

We believe our cheap and high quality product can be worth of your reliability.

1) Excellent service, especially prompt delivery will benefit you in the long run
2) Low cost result from effective cost control and management as well as laboring
3) We have a good credit and our products receive a good reputation in the world market.We are confident in being the most reliable supplier that you can trust . We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

Your call or E-mail will be warmly welcomed on business, home or abroad, together with a good prospect.
Ekta’s Fast aid kitsis a revolutionary concept in the field of aerosols offering high quality, life-saving first aid.
RELISPRAY is a result of combining modern drug delivery system with time tested and powerful herbal medicines imbibing thousands of years of wisdom of ancient ayurveda. he formulations offers rubifacient analgesic anti-inflammatory agents available in micro fine particles penetrating the epidermal layer of the skin with the force of a spray.

Instead of running for a absorbent cotton and conventional antiseptic liquid at a time of bruises and cuts what can be more convenient to aim and spray Mistdress and forget about these cuts?

Mistdress contains one of the powerful topical antiseptic along with pain relieving local anaesthetic and high quality dressing Polymer providing waterproof, bacteria proof, and flexible antiseptic spray-on bandage.

COOLEX with its intense cooling effect, COOLEX provides instant relief in burns. Its acts on muscle spindles and provides mild anaesthesia resulting into relaxation. It gives vasoconstriction and works as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Thus, reduces oedema due to inflammation. COOLEX also has an antiseptic action.

Thus it stops burning, prevents blister formation and acts as an antiseptic.

VINODINE contains Povidone Iodine with broad spectrum of activity against multiple micro-organisms like protozoa, algae, fungi, bacteria and viruses. As pH changes, it keeps on liberating active ingredient. Thus, it gives prolonged action.

It is a resistance-proof antiseptic and preferred world over by all surgeons

CLIMAX provides a powerful local anaesthetic action due to Lidocaine Topical Aerosol USP 10 % w/w.
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